Monday, November 19, 2012

The Loud Texter app has reached a 1,000 downloads today (hooray!) - big thanks to everyone using it and sending feedback.

As a reminder, here is the short description of what it does:
Ever had a sudden urge to express your emotions? Like when stuck in traffic next to a really nice car, or when trying to tell your friend across the room that the show is excellent (or not so much), or when just trying to say hi to a total stranger on a bus?
Now you can! Just enter what you want to convey, and this little app will slowly (or quickly, your choice) scroll your text across your phone's screen in VERY LARGE LETTERS, so your intended message target could read it even from far away.
1. enter the text of your desired message
2. choose the color
3. choose how fast to scroll it (slow/med/fast)
4. choose if you want to display it in all caps or not (defaults to all caps)
5. hit go and tell the world all that you think about it!

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