Saturday, September 15, 2012

A quick bug fix update for Fish Mapper. Fixed in 1.4:

  • map will now refresh properly each time location updates
  • xhdpi icon for newer phones will display properly
  • a pop up message will now display when trying to save a spot without active gps fix
Feedback is welcome, as always.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New for today!

Fish Mapper 1.1 is released with a few small interface bug fixes.

A couple of words about another app that is available on the Market right now, Stockman. Here is its short description:
This app will help you keep track of your stock portfolio. Enter the stock symbols that you currently own, how many shares and the original purchase price per single share, and the app will calculate your current gain (or loss) based on the up to date quotes provided by Yahoo Finance, for each stock symbol, as well as the grand total for your entire portfolio.
You can also request to be alerted when a stock you are monitoring reaches a predetermined (by you) low or high value, making it easy to monitor market price fluctuations and take action once stock price reaches the required level. The app will display an exclamation mark next to the stock symbol once a threshold is reached.
* displays current price of your stocks, provided by Yahoo.
* calculates current gain/loss for each individual stock.
* calculates total gain/loss for your entire portfolio.
* alerts you when a stock price reaches a certain level.
* add/edit/remove stocks by long-clicking on one.
* click on a stock to see the last 5 days to 6 months of its history.
It appears that the latest change displaying the daily change in dollars is rather useful. The next change coming up for Stockman is the daily change in dollars for each stock position, and possibly a graph displaying the pefrormance of your entire portfolio. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The latest app to hit the Market is called Fish Mapper. It is respectfully designed for those of us who fancy a day of fishing once in a while, but are concerned that one dreadful day they might find The Perfect Fishing Spot, and, by the time they get home, in a sudden fit of euphoria would forget where the spot was actually located.

The app allows you to track your location using the GPS sensor in your phone and save your current location safely on your phone. The app will keep track of all spots that you had saved before, display them on the zoomable and scrollable map, and will let you add comments and ratings to each spot, so you will never forget where exactly that perfect fishing spot was located.

Some screenshots:


The app is free (ad-supported) and is available on the Market now: Fish Mapper

In addition to my twitter account, I will be now posting updates about my new apps on this blog, due to twitters post length limitation. Sure is nice to be able to go into more details about what each app is doing. Stay tuned.